In an effort to better serve our community, we will help you find your bike if it gets stolen in San Luis Nabisco. Just send a photo and/or description and your contact information to yardsaledan at I will post the info here.

STOLEN JUNE 18, 2014


Some dickbag cut my lock and stole my blue 50cm Raleigh Misceo. Serial #UOXK1526. Taken sometime between noon and 5 p.m. on June 18 in front of the Meryl Lynch building at 1010 Marsh. Not only has this turned me into an obsessive vigilante a-hole, but also my girlfriend, who bought the bike for me as an awesome birthday gift. Contact me at colinrigley [at] gmail [dot] com.


Kona Shonky Inc. (Orange, rear disc only)
Taken from the bike rack at Central Coast Brewing on Thursday night (Oct. 10) or Friday morning (Oct. 11). Lock was cut. Reward paid in copious amounts of beer. Cheers!

Contact Jason at jason [at]

Raleigh Retroglide Sport- blue with lt. yellow accents. Has hand brakes, white wall tires, after market bike rack, chain guard, but no fenders. 7 speed, mens with women’s seat. Seat is covered in black duct tape and has ‘Oaklandish’ stickers on the back side. Slo bicycle month bell on handle bars. Handle bars have rust spots on them, and there are many chips in the paint on the frame bar that goes between the front forks and the seat post (where I would attach my ulock). Stolen weekend of August 31, 2013. CONTACT JESSICA jghb104 at gmail

Stolen Saturday, September 28, 2013 in the late afternoon in front of the Four Seasons Outfitters at 432 Higuera St, SLO. It is a Marin Bobcat Trail 29er dark gray graphite with blue trim. The frame is 19″. The serial # is: JA13265BJD085. Call 7*6*0*-9*9*4*-5*2*9*9*. All help appreciated.

stolen bike April 25, 2013

Last night my bike got stolen from my back yard on Pacific street near Emerson park. The lock was cut and 2 other bikes were left on the scene. My bike is a 2012 Trek 9th District. I have replaced the reflectors with lights and there is a small scratch around the middle upgrihgt bar. Pedals are silver (replaced the blue ones).

If you see it out there please call me at Eight 0 Five-234-153zero or SLO PD (805) 781-7317 and reference case 130425007

Stolen Bike April 10th, 2012

It is a gray Trek Soho with a gray seat and disk breaks. It often has a black plastic milk crate on the back with flower decals. There is a sexy lady decal on the front and a heavy duty double light and battery pack. It has a small silver bell on the right handle bar.

If you happen to see it on the road…you know what to do. My number is below.
Nicole Smith
Eight 0 Five 215-386nine

Stolen Bike April 7th or 8th
Our office bike was stolen this weekend from 1422 Monterey Street (same complex as Central Coast Brewing), and the lock was cut. The bike is a blue Breezer Citizen, with a rear rack and silver folding grocery baskets, a grey plastic chain guard, a cable lock connecting the seat to the seat post, and a green fluorescent sticker on the handlebars. I attached a photo of a similar model, but I don’t have a picture of the actual bike. If you see it please email jmjones (at)

Stolen Bike April 4th

“Stolen yellow Centurion Ironman Dave Scott Special Edition. The bike matches the picture precisely except that the tires now have a yellow trim on them. If you have seen or know the whereabouts of this bike, please contact Jimmy at four 0 eight 607-991five or jshedden16 (at) Thanks!”

Two Stolen Bikes April 2nd
Two bikes stolen on April 2nd or 3rd from the SLO train station bike rack. One was a bianchi vigorelli, 2011 model — white, 53cm. I have serial numbers for both. Contact Nick at nphoover (at)


The other was a 2008 Trek 7.2FX 25″ with an xtracycle and panniers. I have serial numbers for both. Contact Nick at nphoover (at)

Stolen Bike Feb. 15, 2012

Stolen Bianchi Milano with white Selle Italia SLR saddle. If you know the whereabouts of this bike call
Trina or Edwin at (805) 5 4 6-8 2 8 4.

Stolen Bike Posted JULY 21, 2011

My girlfriend’s bicycle was stolen from a bush downtown over the weekend in a truly remarkable display of multi-tiered incompetence that I will not get into other than to say neither she or I was involved. It is pictured in the above attachment. If you hear of anything or see our friend please call me.

Mid 80’s PINK Schwinn Caliente (mixtie frame)
Single speed Coaster brake
Wheels: Front: Sunshine hub laced to an Araya ( I think) rim
Rear: Bendix Red band rear hub (a red band running down the
center of the rear hub) laced to mavic open pro sport rim
Drop bars
Cyclocross tires
White Women specific seat
silver bell (hammer strike kind)


Stolen Bike Posted April 14, 2011
My name is Lamar and my bike was stolen today. It is a
2008 Bianchi Via Nirone Road Bike. It is white with black font.
Black fork and seat post.


Stolen Bike Posted August 10th

I had my bike removed/stolen from downtown, around Mission Bank.
Its a :

* K2 aluminum frame, mountain bike (aluminum lacquered, no paint) , petal to wheel tube is very tapered
* RockShock (yellow-ish aluminum suspension fork)
* narrow black saddle
* narrow clip petals only
* Markings - white K2 sticker, White Oakley sticker, ( shop bought at ( sticker ) Schoni-Marly (switzerland)
* handle bar extension ( horns )

Please call Silvio 805. 704. 5882
Reward 150$

My Norco mountain bike was stolen outside of Crills in Morro Bay about two weeks ago. It is mostly a grayish color. It has some pink and black lettering on it and it has front shocks. It also has black handlebars. If you have any information on it I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me at dmoonwalker [at] Thank you!

AquaBlonde gets hit AGAIN!

Dearest cycling community of SLO,

I woke up this morning to be doomed with the fate of my vintage roadie. A work of art was taken from outside of the sierra madre dorms on campus at cal poly san luis obispo on May 26th between the hours of 8pm - 8am the next morning.

Extended Description:
Vintage Centurion Lemans
Seafoam green frame with white verticals
Pink back tire
They left the front tire, so that bad boy wont be on there
Shimano gears/shifters on frame of bike
White bar wrap with black flies
Replaced crank (specialized)

This is the SECOND bike I have had stolen from me within the last 6 months in this community (see post from aquablonde below). I would be greatly appreciated any help recovering it.
May the sick thief that rides upon those wheels of gold be involved in a fiery explosion and their mangled body be shat on by a gaggle of 16 geese.

acolburn [at]


Bike thieves deserve to be hit by fast moving buses so they can be sent to hell that much faster.

This LOCKED bike was stolen from downtown Friday between 7AM & 2PM. WTF! How long do you think you can ride this around before you get beaten by those who are stick of hearing about all the bikes that have been stolen in the recent months?

One option for the bike thief of this particular bike is to hide the tallbike in a secure location and then call it’s rightful owner from a blocked phone number to let him know where it is. (phone number taken down)

If who know the jackass who stole this bike, let him/her know about the option above or take measures into your own hands and do it yourself.


Stolen bike, posted Nov 16, 2009
Aquablonde says:

Post-bike night last thursday, my bombshell of a bike was taken from the outside of the AGR frat house off foothill and california. It was locked up to their barbeque with TWO bike locks, yet somehow the little criminal managed to break through the kryptonite. I’m on a mission to recover my baby. If you happen to come across it, lock it up and contact me at this email address: aquablonde21 AT aol DOT com. Heres a description of the bicycle…

  • Off-white 54 cm men’s specialized sirrus frame with pink decals (potentially spray painted by now)
  • Blue DURA nylon tires
  • Black Wolber rims
  • Shimano Biopace cranks
  • Black WTB saddle
  • Full shimano 105 groupset
  • Blue pedals
  • custom stem
  • zebra griptape wrapped dropbars

Its pretty unique, so keep your eyes peeled my fellow bike lovers.
stolen bike

Posted Oct 31, 2009
dsc01970-1 The most winningest bike in SLOLittle 500 history has been stolen. It is the Blue Univega. Meaty cross tires (a WTB Mutano Raptor in the front), Bontrager Carbon Cranks, Coaster Brake Wheel, vintage Kelly Stem, Drop bars, IRD steel fork. The bike is pictured above, but we have drop bars on it now.

Bike was stolen sometime after 8pm on Wednesday the 28th from the side of the CBO Shop.

Posted Oct 31, 2009
img_2527 Some asshole took this bike from a courtyard on wednesday night sometime between 7:30 and 8:30. It is a purple raleigh “M30″ mountain bike, womens with front suspension and a cheap cateye light on it. Front derailer is not functional.
Contact Adam @ 858-336-9470. or adamster (at)

Stolen BIKES Posted September 24, 2009

Hey everyone,

Came home this morning to the surprize of 3 bikes missing from my house! Feeling it is prudent to put the word out to the community to be on the lookout as I’m imagining them coming back to us…
Philip ~

Phat Cycle Chopper - Silver frame, light brown leather seat, missing right handlebar grip
GT i Drive - - small frame, Classic Rasta Paint Job (green, red yellow & black)
BOB sticker on the frame
Grayish blue muffin bike - - Huge black seat, cool integrated front headlight into frame, white basket attached to back of seat.

Stolen Bike Posted March 17th, 2009

Stolen Bike Posted October 13th, 2008

Last seen Friday, October 3rd behind the Sierra Madre residence halls or on Via Carta road on Cal Poly campus. Locked up on a bike rack, assuming cable lock was cut. Mint green vintage Bianchi road bike. About 53 cm. Green and white splotchy handle bar tape, Pullin’s cyclery sticker on stem below the seat, and most importantly, a black and white sticker of Albert Einstein’s face on the stem above the fork and front wheel. Multi gear bike, gears are on the handle bar brakes. Black Specialized Pro tires. It’s a little rusty and the peddals have toe cover straps on them. This bike belongs to my mom, and I did my first triathlon on this bike. It is very special to me and it holds a lot of fond memories. I will pay someone who finds it a good amount, I just want my bike back. I’m a college student and I can’t afford another bike. I am very sad to find it missing. Thank you!

Contact: enphilli (at)


Stolen Bike Posted Sept. 30, 2008

My bike was stolen from campus last night (Sept. 29, 2008)… It’s a Santa Cruz Heckler, 21″ frame with monstrously tall bars…9 out of 10 people can’t even throw a leg over it, and whatever lizard is cruising around on it will be pretty obviously out of place.
Call Jesse 831-521-4435


Stolen Bike (posted June 17th)

Steeling from Children SUCKS

This is our daughter on her bike. The BIKE WAS STOLEN!



805. 975.6736

Stolen Bike (posted June 17th)
My bike was stolen from the Cedar Creek apartment complex where it was locked over the weekend (May 22-May 26)

It is a 1997 trek 1220 model road bike
Blue/Purple color
50 cm
black bar tape
black seat with tears in fabric
Shimano index shifters
21 speed
Bike lights on front and back
Metal toe clips

This bike means so much to me, and it’s my only transportation to school. FOUND!!

Thanks so much,

my bike was stolen from my yard, saturday afternoon, march 15.

stolen from San Luis Obispo  - Fuji bike

if you see it anywhere around town, lock it up, and notify me at the link below.

Or call bO: 805 235 8042
if you took it, return it. i just want my bike back.

Missing BikeS #2 (posted Feb.4, 2008)

#2a Black Amsterdam-style cruiser, fairly beat up, chain guard w/ yellow
pinstriping, broken headlight, new red tail light.
#2b Black/Grey Giant mountain bike, womens frame, headlight (leaning on tree)

Stolen feb 2008

Missing Bike #1 (November 15th)

Please call this hotline number 781-5754 to arrange a drop off.
No Questions Asked. This is a one time opportunity to feel good
about life again and relieve your conscience.

Thank you. A 10 yr old boy will be happy to see his ‘ole “Grey
Ghost” back in the garage and delivering newspapers once
again.. Thank you.