After the ride

In the past Bike Sumo was a huge hit after riding around downtown, but it is no more. We have suspended Bike Sumo after we tried five or six different locations and couldn’t find a place to stage this event without causing nearby neighbors grief in one way or another. (1b)

Where does that leave us/you now? This means that everyone is responsible for themselves (1c) and for the future of the Bike Happening.

The Bank of America parking lot is an integral part of the Bike Happening route in that it allows people to gather up after being separated by the traffic lights. Though the swarm may bring great pleasure to your ride (1a), this should not be a destination after your ride. Please do not loitering in the parking lot after a few laps.

Having said this…

We ask that you not return to the Bank of America parking lot after a few laps around downtown.

We ask that before the Bike Happening you decide where you and your friends are going after your ride. (2)(3)

We ask that you take your trash with you and Leave No Trace wherever you go. (1b)(1c)

We ask that you help inspire others to help with these efforts.

(1) Rules of the Ride

a. Ride your bike and have fun
b. Treat our community with respect
c. Assume personal responsibility

(2) If you just can’t arrange this beforehand, use your cell phones instead of waiting for your friends at the parking lot.
(3) McCarthy’s is the default location to reunite with lost friends.