Rules of the Ride

We like things simple around here.

#1 Ride your bike and have fun:

Bring Friends,
Make a new Friend,
Dress-up, Dress-down,
Make a little noise.
Make a positive contribution.
Make the event your own.

#2 Treat our community with respect:

Treat the SLOPD with respect.
Treat others on the road with respect, both cars and pedestrians.
Treat others on the ride with respect.
The Bike Happening is a Courteous Mass ride, NOT a Critical Mass ride.

(Do not engage angry drivers. Don’t make drivers angry.
Note license plates/take pictures if anyone is doing anything unlawful)

#3 Assume personal responsibility:

YOU are responsible for all of your actions.
Mob mentality is unacceptable.
Have proper equipment on your bike.
Leave our destinations cleaner then we found them. Leave No Trace!
Obey all traffic laws.