Photos and Movies

We are currently working on having a way to show photos and movies from the Bike Happening on this site. For now we have a link to Flickr that will show all of the photos “Tagged” with “Bike Happening”.

If you want your photos to show up on our existing link (and in the future on our website) go to and create a free account. Flickr is a way cool site. When you are uploading your photos tag them with bikehappening — no spaces or quotes.

Explore Flickr while you are there. (It might also be a good idea to join the “Bike Happening” group on Flickr. We won’t be posting topics there because we have to do that. But we might be using the administration tools that Flickr offers to groups to monitor the images that eventually show up here.) More to come…

If you want your movies to eventually make it to this site, I think we will ultimately be using to access Bike Happening videos. They offer free accounts too.