Once again, after too many beers, a year’s worth of Bike Happening themes for 2013 have been conjured up.

Take these themes and do as you please with theme, twist them, expand them, ignore them, protest them. What ever you do Participate. Don’t spectate.

You can always find them in “pages” over there ——->

MARCH: Zombies and Zookeepers

APRIL: Black & White Washout

*MAY: Teddies & Bears

*JUNE: 13th Annual Formal, Vaudeville Burlesque

*JULY: merica, These colors don’t run, THEY SPARKLE!

*AUG: PloyGone! Tridecagon

*SEPT. Uniforms and Unicorns

OCT: Surf and Turf / Cowboys and Surfers

NOV: Anything goes but clothes

DEC. Saints and Sinners / Holy Wars / Krampus

JAN: Olden Days, Vintage Spandex

FEB: Snow Sports and Pro Wrestling

* Bare as you Dare Season

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