Flyer (and theme) for 6th anniversary bike happening

Here is the flyer from Murfalufagus for next month’s bike happening:

6 years!


  1. Yardsale said,

    June 2, 2006 @ 10:56 am

    I sense that the themes are catching on after the showing of ties and dresses last night. Everyone was looking good.

    Looking forward to next month’s “running with the bulls”
    Bike are the “bulls” and Murf has recruited a running club to be the runners.

  2. Jessica Schroeder said,

    September 13, 2006 @ 9:12 pm

    i love bike night (as i refer to it) and have been attending ritually since the days bike sumo took place at the brewery and the front yard of McCarthy’s was a parking lot. I am so stoked to see the themes emerging. The p j party i thought had an excellent turn out. Although by speaking with many of my fellow bicyclists who were not festively attired, I gathered that they would have been eager to join the ranks had they known that themes were in effect- let alone what the theme was to be. I would be happy to help out with advertising in whatever way possible. I think it would be very helpful as well to alert the bike shops (CBO, Art’s, etc) so they might post a flyer and spread some word of mouth. I also brainstormed a few ideas for the upcoming months. How about:

    * homemade super heroes - i.e. Turbulant Toaster Boy, Super Swiffer Wiper Outer, Dangerous Dustball Danny etc.

    * your favorite occupational hazzard - i.e. ensembles consisting of barricade tape, highway cones, mop heads, coveralls, tin foil, kitchen utensils, whatever

    * how about a sadie hawkins theme with boys dressing like girls and vice versa.

    * anyone for monochrome? wear all one solid color from head to toe, that could look really cool.

    Looking forward to the 1st thursday in October- see you then.
    Again please let me know if I can assist in anyway to get the word out.

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