November theme: Halloween Hangover

Since the November happening is on the day after Halloween, we’re going to make it easy on everyone and have people simply recycle their Halloween costumes from the evening before. Dress up as anything you want — as long as you come dressed up! Or, take the theme very literally and show up with a nice fat Halloween Hangover, like this fellow here:

Puking pumpkin

Feel free to read and make comments below. Your names and email addresses will not be turned into the Department of Homeland Security.

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  1. Yardsale said,

    October 22, 2007 @ 12:01 pm

    First off for those who don’t know, the internationally known bike ride that seems to have occurred here in SLO for the past seven years is called The Bike Happening, not “Bike Night.” But if you insist on calling it “Bike Night” you won’t be spanked.

    Whether you call it “Bike Night” or know it as The Bike Happening know this; If you would like the Bike Happening to continue to happen, it is your responsibility (I know that’s a scary word) to make sure that you and the others around you follow Three Simple Rules, especially the Leave No Trace

    Did I mention Leave No Trace?

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