Kudos from a San Franciscan

My friend Zannie who recently moved from SLO to SF, has this to say about the bike happening:

I like that they call it “Courteous Mass.”  The Critical Mass people in
San Francisco are so…. well, discourteous, to put it politely, that many
San Franciscans call the Critical Massholes.  They claim they want to
“share the road,” and then they block traffic, preventing anyone from
getting through their probably mile-long egofest.  And by “anyone” I do
include all forms of street-level public transportation.  Even pedestrians
are hindered in getting past them, although bicyclists and perhaps careful
motorcyclists can get through if they have the patience.  I don’t know if
they let emergency vehicles through or not, but if they’ve caused enough
traffic snarls on streets near where they’re riding, I doubt it
matters–the emergency vehicles can’t get past that traffic, whether the
“corkers” would let them through or not.

Can you tell I’ve been stuck at a bus stop for an hour because of this shit?

I appreciated the SLO Bike Ride’s attention to traffic laws all along, but
since moving to San Francisco, I appreciate it even more.  Keep up the
good work.


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