Bike Thieves SUCK!

AquaBlonde gets hit AGAIN!

Dearest cycling community of SLO,

I woke up this morning to be doomed with the fate of my vintage roadie. A work of art was taken from outside of the sierra madre dorms on campus at cal poly san luis obispo on May 26th between the hours of 8pm - 8am the next morning.

Extended Description:
Vintage Centurion Lemans
Seafoam green frame with white verticals
Pink back tire
They left the front tire, so that bad boy wont be on there
Shimano gears/shifters on frame of bike
White bar wrap with black flies
Replaced crank (specialized)

This is the SECOND bike I have had stolen from me within the last 6 months in this community (see post from aquablonde below). I would be greatly appreciated any help recovering it.
May the sick thief that rides upon those wheels of gold be involved in a fiery explosion and their mangled body be shat on by a gaggle of 16 geese.


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