Hello friends,
My name is Jesse Acosta, and I am the staff photographer for New Times. I’m trying to organize a cover shot for next week’s paper. The Shot will incorporate as many bicyclists as I can find to demonstrate the concept of “rush hour in a world where bicyclists rule the road.” In order to pull this off I need at a minimum fifty bicyclists to show up at 8:00am (to avoid traffic) Saturday (09/03/06) in the plaza in front of Firestone (corner of Osos and Higuera downtown SLO).

Things you need to set out Friday night, in preparation for the next days festivities:
1) A bike with tires full of air ready to ride early Saturday morning.

2) Business attire i.e. business suit, brief case, pasty come-over, glasses, “the young professional look,” carpenter wear, architect, anything to convey a normal day going to work just that you happen to be riding a bicycle rather than driving a car.

3) Two alarm clocks that will ensure you arriving on time (8:00 am).

4) Big smile, because it will be a great opportunity to meet yourneighbors and be on the cover of New Times, and you’ll be able to point yourself out to all your friends (who didn’t show up).

5) Money, for coffee and Saturday garage sales.

Please be there. I know that it is last minute, but such is life. It will be good to show your support for biking here in San Luis Obispo. Plus you’ll be able to hit up garage sales on your way home.

Please email me a conformation that you’re coming at:

Thanks for your support and please forward this to any who should be there.

Jesse Acosta


  1. SETHZILLA! said,

    September 1, 2006 @ 1:29 pm

    sounds cool and since i’m all about self promotion, i will be there!

  2. bill mulder said,

    September 5, 2006 @ 9:52 pm

    How did this go anyhow?

  3. broken BOner said,

    September 6, 2006 @ 8:48 am

    We’ll find out when we see the pictures, i suppose.

    Atleast 30 people showed up. Maybe 40. Atleast 10 people wore ties, but it didn’t look like a shoot for GQ. There were enough people to stretch accross all the lanes of higuera while more riders crossed in front of them in 2 directions on Osos.

    Uncle Yardsale posed as the guy who uses his electric shaver while commuting. Look closely, and you might see that he was actually rubbing himself with a cell phone.

    Other represented workers included a nurse and a barista. One or two gromlets made the scene. Somebody asked if we would be paid. Jesse promised us “hundreds of imaginary dollars.” Everybody got a shiny gold card: good for a free drink at Uptown Espresso.

    Some friendly feller made a short statement projecting multitudes of additional students arriving at Cal Poly in the near future. He claimed that bike promotion was the best way to keep traffic congestion from increasing when the students arrive.

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