Running of the Bulls!

Bikes are happening!

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Last night may have been the most fun happening I’ve been part of! It was a good clean ride and I didn’t hear of any troubles. The cops were giving the usual tickets for not having lights, but I can deal with that.

Yardsale was in top form with his Bull — I kept hearing roaring laughter erupt as he barreled down on runners.

Thanks everyone for an awesome evening!


  1. Yardsale said,

    July 7, 2006 @ 7:31 pm

    Yardsale issues a formal apology for the pain inflicted upon Dr. Jones during Bike Sumo. Apparently the “soft” boogie board bull wasn’t as soft as I thought it was. Sorry.

    Next time I see Dr. Jones downtown drinks are on me.

    BTW: Nice take-down by Dr. J after said incident. Total crowd pleaser

    I must say however that the tournament board take-down was probably the most spectacular take-down of the evening.

  2. Broken BOner said,

    July 7, 2006 @ 11:22 pm

    A few cars were too busy gawking at us to take the green light on Broad Street. They backed up the intersection, and the bikes couldn’t turn left untill heavy metal moved in the opposing direction. For this reason, I watched the bikes stand motionless for 2 consecutive green lights. At one point, a line of 5 cars held up over 40 bicycles by conservative estimate. One car did a better job of impeding traffic than a whole crowd of peddlers.

    In the past, these large vehicles were not so likely to hesitate. Perhaps they were made nervous by the heavy police presence in the parking lot of Long’s Drugs.

    I would like to thank the ‘Runners’ for being so soft and squishy.
    WORD to all the horny heads Happening.

  3. Dr. Jones said,

    July 8, 2006 @ 3:58 am

    No sweat Yardsale. You can just buy me a mango Iced Tea from Gus’s some night when I round up all the scoundrels for some afternoon drinking. :D

    So what’s the news on biking without lights? Can someone please tell us what the new rules and fines are? It might also be useful to spread the word on what other fines are assessed on Bike Night….wrong lane, plus whatever other ones the SLO PD comes up with.

    And where can I get one of those nifty red blinking lights?

  4. Broken BOner said,

    July 9, 2006 @ 6:30 pm

    I don’t think that any of the laws have changed recently. The cops have been writing these tickets for as long as i’ve been Happening. So, whatever I write here won’t be ‘news.’

    I also don’t know what the fines are for traffic violations, ‘cuz if i ever break one, i don’t get caught - HAH! Not yet, at least.

    I hope we already know this much:

    The law says that when the sun goes down, all cyclists on public roads must have a white lamp that illuminates the road, and faces forward.

    The other most common ticket written is running a red light. All those basic traffic laws that apply to cars, also apply to bicycles. Bikes are not legally immune to stop signs, either.

    But the most frequently busted rule applies as much to Marsh Street, as Highway 101, or any other road with parallel lanes moving in the same direction. The left lanes of any road are reserved for 2 types of vehicles: The ones turning left, and the faster-moving ones. So if Joe Bicycle is lollygaggin’ in the center lane of Marsh Street, and he’s blocking the progress of heavy vehicles, he can fully expect to get bitched at, ticketed, or run over. Justice Happens.

    SLO PD does not ‘come up with’ these codes or fines. Other government employees do that for them. Cops writing laws would be bad news. Cops writing tickets can be bad enough.

    I’m not smart enough to rattle off the whole list of codes that apply to bicycles with impeccable accuracy, but they’ve been put on fliers and passed out at past Happenings. If i feel ambitious, i might post them here. Or maybe Uncle Yardsale will. Stranger things have Happened.

    Whatever the rest of the lemmings do, the precedent is still ‘driver’s responsibility.’

    It’s notable that Gizmo uses his bullshit horn to remind everybody about headlights AND stop lights AND letting the cars pass at EVERY SINGLE HAPPENING. But, that doesn’t mean the masses will always take his advice, so the cops do their job.

    …are only a dollar at BUCK WILD, Foothill Blvd, same parking area as Foothill Cyclery. They also sell in rasta colors with 5 bulbs and 6 flash modes. The brackets they come with to attach them to the bike are super-cheese. I suggest using a rubber band to hold the light to the seat stem. They make good use of 2 AA batteries. The Dollar Tree has been selling 12-packs of those batteries.

    Better brackets come on more expensive blinky lights at any bike store, or Wal Mart; maybe Rite Aide. I forgot where to get the star-shaped blinky lights. Maybe CBO. 927-5510.

    Besides the Buck Wild deal, the best bang I’ve ever gotten for my buck (in THIS county) is at IRA’S in the old village of Arroyo Grande. 107 Bridge Street, 489-2621. He sells his lights for about $5 less than the SLO-town shops when they have sales. I’m too wussy to peddle as far as Santa Maria.

  5. Yardsale said,

    July 10, 2006 @ 5:02 pm

    Ahhh yes Mr. Broken BOner, Yardsale does in fact have access to THE LAW and has posted it for all to see. As a matter of fact it has been posted on this site for almost as long as this site has been functional.

    Look at the top right of this page and you will see Pages > under which is a page called “THE LAW.” I even went through the hassle of abbreviating it to make it more palatable. (also read “Rules of the Ride” Love it. Live it.)

    A note about the SLOPD in July:
    I think the police were especially noticable this month because they had extra officers out in response to us promoting getting people “hydrated” (drunk) at Firestone and having them run in traffic with us. Um, yea, that’s illegal. Yea, there were more SLOPD out that night, but I don’t think that they gave out any more or less tickets per officer.

    (Also notice that one of the most obvious cyclists, the guy with the giant bull-puppet (me), making noise, bumping into people, equiped with headlight & red rear reflector, stopping at stop lights, staying to the right and in general being lawful and respectful was completely left alone by the SLOPD)

  6. Broken Boner said,

    July 10, 2006 @ 8:48 pm

    the LAW !
    *angel chorus sings*

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