Another stolen bike

Aquablonde says:

Post-bike night last thursday, my bombshell of a bike was taken from the outside of the AGR frat house off foothill and california. It was locked up to their barbeque with TWO bike locks, yet somehow the little criminal managed to break through the kryptonite. I’m on a mission to recover my baby. If you happen to come across it, lock it up and contact me at this email address: aquablonde21 AT aol DOT com. Heres a description of the bicycle…

  • Off-white 54 cm men’s specialized sirrus frame with pink decals (potentially spray painted by now)
  • Blue DURA nylon tires
  • Black Wolber rims
  • Shimano Biopace cranks
  • Black WTB saddle
  • Full shimano 105 groupset
  • Blue pedals
  • custom stem
  • zebra griptape wrapped dropbars

Its pretty unique, so keep your eyes peeled my fellow bike lovers.

stolen bike

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