RIDE, Don’t RUN, with the Bulls

It has been brought to our attention that our fabulous idea of creating our own little “Running of the Bulls” in San Luis Nabisco is against the law. We have been asked by the Downtown Sergeant to NOT RUN IN THE STREETS.

We are a creative bunch of people so this need not ruin our theme. We will simply put those “RUNNERS” back on their bikes and have a little game of BIKE TAG. It will go something like this:

After the swarm in the parking lot we will put the “RUNNERS” (dressed in white with red accessories) first in line at the stop light.
Next will be everyone who is just along for the ride.
Behind them will be the BULLS.

The “RUNNERS” will obviously get a head start but by the second green light, the BULLS will be let loose.

Be careful. Think of this as “Sumo Light” so we don’t spill to much blood.

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