Downtown Holiday Parade

Friday, Dec. 5th: Holiday Parade

The Bike Happening has been entered into the Downtown Holiday Parade. This will be our 9th annual appearance.
The parade theme is “Silver Bells.”

The parade organizers ask that no one dresses as Santa Claus,
And do not throw candy

Parade starts @ 7:00PM
Please arrive around 6:00
We are entry #31 and will assemble at Broad and Palm

General Rules For All Entries - Failure to adhere to the rules below may result in disqualification.

1. All entries must be in costume and decorated according to the holiday theme.
2. All entries must be approved by the SLO DA Promotions Committee.
3. No political advertisements or commercial advertisements permitted on floats or entries.
4. Forward motion must be maintained at all times.
5. Any entry behaving in a dangerous manner will be pulled out of the parade, cited by the Police Department and disqualified.
6. Helmets required for the following entries: bikes, motorcycles, scooters and in-line skates/roller blades.
7. No Candy/Favors/Pamphlets - Entries may not throw out anything or blow bubbles. Those doing so will be disqualified immediately.
8. No Alcohol. Possession will result in disqualification and a citation from the Police Department. No inappropriate language or music.
9. Identify your entry with banners and signs.
10. Line-up time is 6PM sharp. Parade time is 7PM sharp. All entries must be ready for fire inspection by 6:15PM.

More details might be listed in the “comments” below…

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