A Downside after 6 Years

Goofy turns into evil Mr. Wheeler

Word has it that there were a few drivers and cycists that were not on their best behavior on our 72nd consecutive ride.

We all saw that Disney video when mild mannered Goofy gets behind the wheel of his car and turns into a complete road-rage-asshole. My guess is that we have all experienced that transformation in one way or another as drivers and as cyclists.

Apparently a taxi driver followed Goofy’s lead and turned into a complete asshole and purposely opened his door as he drove by and struck someone on a bike. What the #@*#?! I don’t care how pissed you are that you can’t drive 45mph down Marsh St. because 700 people decided to go for a bike ride. That’s Inexcusable!

What followed however was not a shining example of good character on “our” part either. Seems like someone decided to take out some aggression on the taxi cab’s back window. How about take down the licence plate number and call 911?

I don’t feel that this is what the Bike Happening is all about and it’s unfortunate that this all took place on an otherwise stellar night.

(BTW: a police report was filed)

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  1. scott said,

    June 20, 2006 @ 1:55 pm

    my best friend was killed by a semi-truck when he was 18
    cars are not toys, they are weapons

    i admire your peacefulness and it seems awfully kind of you all not to have dragged the guy out of the cab and beaten him to death… er, um, that would’ve been my impulse — biker vs. cab is a no win situation and should NEVER be taken lightly…

    glad no one was hurt

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