6 years — wow!

This was the most amazing bike happening yet! Killer weather ensured that we had tons of people on the streets in SLO. I won’t wager a guess, but I’m betting tonight was a record crowd!

And there were a number of people who were dressed to the nines! Pinstripes, double breasted suits, all manners of dresses, skirts and cocktail dresses — we covered the gamut this evening. I have double respect for the lovely women in cocktail dresses and heels — you gals (and guys too!) are what makes the happening so spectacular!

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for pictures of this evening — the awesome turnout and the killer outfits will certainly make for some nice pictures! If you’ve posted some pictures, post a comment with a link please.

We now have 5 peeps manning this blog (and we need some female representation, methinks!): Gizmo, Yardsale, Murph, Bo Shmo and myself, Mayhem. This should kick off things for this blog — if you have suggestions and requests for what we should cover in this blog, please post a comment. We’ll cover the obvious things like annoucements, themes, pictures, cool bikes and such. What else should be on our radar?

P.S. If you have a blog, please post a link to bikehappening.org, so that Google can find us, which in turn lets SLO peeps find us easier.


  1. Fancy said,

    June 1, 2006 @ 11:53 pm

    Hey there-
    So, this female representation thing…What exactly are you looking for in a Blogging Bettie? I might be the one for the job, but I wanted to know what I’m getting myself into…
    Loved the bike night tonight. Scurvy and Satan’s clash was awesome and the later one with Sethzilla was pretty impressive too. GO WAGON MAN!!!
    I hope to compete next time…but since it’d be my first time, I’ll probably suck big-time : P Maybe I could borrow that wagon…?

  2. Yardsale said,

    June 2, 2006 @ 12:36 am

    Word has it that th crowd was in the range 600 to 700. Twice, if not triple our usual numbers. We had the entire length of Higuera packed with bikes!

    What a bitchin night. The weather. The awesome people. SUMO went off. We are definately bringing back the tournament board. Thinking we should nix the beer cans in the middle of the ring.

    Can’t wait for next month’s “running with the bulls” theme.

  3. Warthog said,

    June 2, 2006 @ 3:52 pm

    YES!!!! Bring back the tournament board…and I second the beer cans in the ring sucking notion. I was not able to make it down for the sumo, but had lunch today with a friend who was there, and she brought up something that I found troubling. It seems a pack of ten or so first timers, that of course knew nothing about how things go down, were verballing harrassing my friend and her boyfriend, swearing at them and demanding that they sit down so the newbies could see (who sits down at the edge of the sumo ring anyway?). Apparently, this continued, in full on “pack of schoolyard bullys” style (threats, name calling, the whole shmear), until my friends just gave up and went home. It would be nice when shit like this happens, if perhaps some of the veterans were to take the initiative to explain to the newbies how things “happen”, and let them know that it aint cool to act a fool. I for one, will have no problem letting obnoxious newbies know that they can’t just show up for the first time, to something that’s been going on for 6 years, and start laying down the law like they own the place. In a polite way, of course.

  4. Beer Man said,

    June 2, 2006 @ 6:04 pm

    First, what an amazing night for a bike ride with 700 friends! As one of the guys that has been there since the beginning, it is still fun to see the parade of now hundreds each month. Central Coast Brewing has been there all along, and last night was extra special to have some of the veterans as well as some new friends back to the brewery post-Sumo for some carbonated adult beverages. The Happening as always been an event that welcomes all. Newbies that don’t get have always been an issue. Sumo at CCB got so big that people were climbing the trees to see. Bullys at Sumo should be handled, and quickly. At CCB Sumo, the core group help self police the events, both inside and outside of the brewery. It worked extremely well, and everybody respected the guidance. It worked until it got SO big, SO fun, and SO loud that we attracted a neat little ticket from SLOPD. Here is to another 6 years……………

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