2008 Themes are in!

Now you have all the time in the world to plan for the Bike Happening Themes. A secret gathering was held on January 18th to decide on all of the 2008 Bike Happening Themes.

If you don’t like these themes, well, create your own. Counter-Themes are in this year! (and forever) We are reworking the website to allow anyone to create counter themes. For now, post your counter themes in the comments.

Feb-Cowgirls and Tin Cans
Sub-Theme: Horned Animals

March- Anything goes but Clothes
Sub-Theme: Noisy Spokes, Bells, and

April - Circus
Sub-Theme: Spatula Brigade

May - Diapers, Band-Aids, and Mustaches
Sub-Theme: Body Hair

June - Tutu, Feathers, Summer Formal
Sub-Theme: Fashion Faux Pas
Naked Bike Ride/Gender shifting

July - Skin Paint, Magic Markers, and Stickers
Sub-Theme: Pimp your Bike

Aug - PJ’s and Bathrobes
Sub-Theme: One luv, your grandma

Sep - Cross Dress for Less
Sub-Theme: White Trash

Oct - Fetish
Sub-Theme: Weird Science (both of these theme’s might be
more difficult than we had first thought)

Nov - I caught it in Mexico
Sub-Theme: Pasties and Dollar Bills

Dec - Sweet Sacrilege
Sub-Theme: Mormon Invasion, Knocked up Nuns

Jan 09 - Geriatric
Sub-Theme: Bowel Movements

Default rain theme: Scuba/wet suits and snow boots
Always push massive noise
Always pimp your bike

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