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Cinco De Mayo y Donkeys

battleofpuebladonkeys On the 5th of May 1862, 4000 Mexican soldiers, against overwhelming odds, defeated a French army invasion of 8000 during the Battle of Puebla. Though the victory was short-lived, it represented a great morale boost for Mexico. Three years later Mexico expelled the French with help from the Untied States.

How are you going to celebrate the Battle of Puebla victory?
Stage a reenactment of the Battle of Puebla?
Dress as a pinata?
Fly a Mexican flag?
Add your ideas below…

See the 2011 Themes page for the entire year’s worth of themes. Go BIG this year.
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Don’t forget the rules of the ride.

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Stolen Bike

Stolen Bike Posted April 14, 2011
My name is Lamar and my bike was stolen today. It is a
2008 Bianchi Via Nirone Road Bike. It is white with black font.
Black fork and seat post. 510/693/0968 or nglamar [at]


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April Theme: Easter Pastels & Bunnies from Hell

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