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Theme-O-Matic for APRIL

Post comments below to suggest APRIL theme.
Comments will close and the theme will be decided a few weeks after Dr. Seuss, Green, Eggs or Ham

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MARCH/Ride with Dr. Seuss, GREEN, Eggs Or Ham…

Celebrate March in true Dr. Seuss Style with GREEN, Eggs OR Ham
Don’t forget the rules of the ride.

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Bike thieves deserve to be hit by fast moving buses so they can be sent to hell that much faster.

This LOCKED bike was stolen from downtown Friday between 7AM & 2PM. WTF! How long do you think you can ride this around before you get beaten by those who are stick of hearing about all the bikes that have been stolen in the recent months?

One option for the bike thief of this particular bike is to hide the tallbike in a secure location and then call it’s rightful owner from a blocked phone number to let him know where it is. 949.933.5560

If you know who the jackass is who stole this bike, let him/her know about the option above or take measures into your own hands and do it yourself.


Update: FOUND!

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Beadcicleta - Fat Tuesday Ride Feb 16


8:30pm Feb 16th

Meet at one of these places, you will be picked up unless you are late.

  • Mc Carthy‚Äôs
  • Mitchell Park
  • Mission Plaza

Dress Up for Carnaval

Tell a Friend

Bring a cup

Check your front and rear lights

Laissez Les Bon Temp Roullez!!!!

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