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February Theme: Cowgirls and Tin Cans


February’s Theme:
Cowgirls & Tin Cans,
A Horned Animal Shindig

2008 brings a new way to experience the Bike Happening:
Themes/ Sub-Themes/ Counter-Themes

If you don’t like our themes or just have something else in mind, add your thoughts below.

Also, check out this year’s themes at:
All 2008 Themes

*****Stolen Bikes alert*****

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2008 Themes are in!

Now you have all the time in the world to plan for the Bike Happening Themes. A secret gathering was held on January 18th to decide on all of the 2008 Bike Happening Themes.

If you don’t like these themes, well, create your own. Counter-Themes are in this year! (and forever) We are reworking the website to allow anyone to create counter themes. For now, post your counter themes in the comments.

Feb-Cowgirls and Tin Cans
Sub-Theme: Horned Animals

March- Anything goes but Clothes
Sub-Theme: Noisy Spokes, Bells, and

April - Circus
Sub-Theme: Spatula Brigade

May - Diapers, Band-Aids, and Mustaches
Sub-Theme: Body Hair

June - Tutu, Feathers, Summer Formal
Sub-Theme: Fashion Faux Pas
Naked Bike Ride/Gender shifting

July - Skin Paint, Magic Markers, and Stickers
Sub-Theme: Pimp your Bike

Aug - PJ’s and Bathrobes
Sub-Theme: One luv, your grandma

Sep - Cross Dress for Less
Sub-Theme: White Trash

Oct - Fetish
Sub-Theme: Weird Science (both of these theme’s might be
more difficult than we had first thought)

Nov - I caught it in Mexico
Sub-Theme: Pasties and Dollar Bills

Dec - Sweet Sacrilege
Sub-Theme: Mormon Invasion, Knocked up Nuns

Jan 09 - Geriatric
Sub-Theme: Bowel Movements

Default rain theme: Scuba/wet suits and snow boots
Always push massive noise
Always pimp your bike

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Portland improves bike saftey — even further!

Portland was recently voted one of the most bike friendly cities in the world and now they are taking bike safety one step further. Portland is creating “bike boxes” at intersections that are specifically designed for cyclists and the cars have to wait behind them so that cyclists are easily visible for cars who wish to turn right at the intersection.

Way to go Portland! Keep up the good work!

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2008 Themes need your help

This year we are going to have a meeting and decide on a theme for each month. This way everyone will know all of the themes ahead of time allowing more time for creativity and to go BIG!

This year we will also be promoting the “counter theme” concept. If you don’t like the main theme, come up with your own!

Do you have any suggestions for a Bike Happening theme? Suggest a general theme or one for a particular month.


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