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December Theme: Holiday Icons

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Downtown Holiday Parade

Holiday Bike Happening
Come join the Bike Happening in it’s seventh year of being the best entry in the SLO Downtown Holiday Parade. All are welcome. Bike decorations and or costumes are a must.

No Santas. No throwing candy.

Update at 4:30PM on Friday
The parade is ON. Dress warm.

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The Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music, TUESDAY, NOV. 20TH

The Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music will be in SLO THIS TUESDAY NIGHT. Don’t miss this opportunity to cruise SLO with two traveling bands on bikes. Imaging the Bike Happening with live bands! Spread the word.

Our plan is to meet at 7:00PM in the Mission Plaza at the little amphitheater for a meet and greet and perhaps a little music. Soon after we’ll hop on our bikes and tour SLO stopping at various secret locations for more LIVE music and to sneak in a few libations.

Who knows where we’ll go or where we’ll end up.

BYOB (B= Bike, Beer, etc.)

For more information about the tour, check out and read below:
On Thursday, November 1st, two bands, The Ginger Ninjas and SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, launched the epic “Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour” from N.San Juan, California, heading 5000 miles all the way down to the Mexican Yucatan. There is no sag-wagons, and no buses hauling our gear. Everything, including the 800 Watt human- and solar-powered PA System, is being hauled entirely on bicycle! The tour comes in the wake of SHAKE YOUR PEACE!’s 600-mile bicycle-music tour of Utah (April-May ‘07), and the excitement at San Francisco’s Bicycle Music Festival, Aug. 11, 2007, which announced the emerging bicycle-music movement to the world like a piano dropped from a 24-story window in downtown San Francisco: with life-altering momentum, filled with music, and destroying the oft-trod paths of old. The tour is a project of Worldbike, a 501c3 organization, Kipchoge Spencer, co-founder of Xtracycle, and Gabe Dominguez of the Bicycle Music Festival.

We’ll be riding through San Luis Obispo on Nov. 20th, so we will not be able to participate in the Bike Happening. However, we would love to get the epic bicycle community in SLO together for a rockin peddle-powered show. Since we don’t need any outlets, we can set up anywhere. There are fifteen of us in our group.

Whirling Delights!

Important Websites:

Photo from concert. Note bike in background providing 400watts of power

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New Stuff on

Themes are great but we want this site to be more then just a way to tell you what style of underwear you’re supposed to wear next time.

We periodically post fun bike related things like the article the Mustang Daily did on the Bike Happening and odd stuff like people having sex with their bikes.

We also now have a page dedicated to getting the word out on Stolen Bikes.
See link to the new page in the column over there ————————>

We always want to hear what you have to say.

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Bike lover

This article came from the BBC
Sick F*#&r


Picture 3

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Mustang Daily Write-up

The Mustang Daily wrote and article about the Bike Happening (Nov. 5, 2007)

Bike night attracts all types of characters
By Cassandra Carlson

In the cool air of a Thursday night, voices and laughter resonate from downtown as bicyclists gather in their post-Halloween costumes illuminated by the brightly colored reflectors and lights that adorn their bicycles.

The Bike Happening, or “Bike Night,” as Cal Poly has coined the event, happens the first Thursday of every month with a different theme.

This month’s theme was Halloween Hangover. Students and community members came in their worn-out costumes to take part in what is now a San Luis Obispo tradition.

“It’s really fun; we come with a group of people. It’s a community celebration,” business senior Caryn Laveman said.

Laveman and friend business senior Raksha Patel do not own bikes but find it hard to pass up the Bike Happening.
…continued at Mustang Daily

Comments are always welcome. We are interested to hear what’s on your mind regarding the Bike Happening. What’s good? What’s bad? What color socks do you prefer to wear when you’re on your bike? Give us your feedback.

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