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Wanted: Bike Art

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Call for Artists:

The Tall Bike Posse is going to host a Bike Art show downtown SLO, Friday, May 4th.
Paintings, sculptures, custom bikes, photography, anything you want to exibit, as long as it’s bike related some how some way.

For more info email:

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New PA system: We need your help!

Bring Your BOOMBOX

For this weeks bike ride, we are going to try a new Public Announcement (PA) system for the announcements before we start the ride. But, we can’t make this happen without your participation (as always the happening is all about the participants!):

Please bring a portable, battery powered FM radio to the ride!

Think boom-boxes. Think transistor radios. If it plays the radio and you can manage to drag it along on your bike, BRING IT! Before you arrive at the mission, tune your radio to 90.7 FM. Ninety point seven. Repeat that: Ninety point seven!.

We’re going to use the FM radios to make announcements while we’re in the mission and we’re going to continue playing tunes for the rest of the bike happening! Don’t forget your radios and your tinfoil hats on thursday!

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February Theme: Tinfoil hats!

Sorry for the late notice, but it seems that Murph is a bit overwhelmed with life right now, so I’ll step in and announce the theme for this coming thursday. Since there isn’t much time to prepare for this week, let’s keep the theme simple:

Tinfoil hats!

Everybody has some tin (aluminum) foil laying around the house, right? Grab the tin foil and start cooking up some crazy ideas. Here are some thoughts to get you thinking:

  • Paper hats: Adapt paper hat ideas and use tinfoil instead.
  • Take an existing hat and wrap it in tinfoil — how about that now underused santa hat? Wrap it in tinfoil, slap in on your head and grab your bike.
  • Take a baseball cap and use an old coathanger to build an interesting shape on top of the hat. Then wrap the shape with tinfoil to create arbitrarily crazy hats!

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your creations on Thursday evening!

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Holiday Parade Video

[ Better late then never, right? ]

Please excuse the grainy video — but at least you can get a feel for our presence at the parade:

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