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Tall Bike Posse Brew Buzz


If you’ve ever seen the Tall Bikes at the Bike Happening and wondered what those guys are all about, well here’s your chance to find out what’s a goin’ on.

Saturday August 19th at Central Coast Brewery
High-Noon ’til quittin’ time.

Brew Buzz Events include:
Brewing of a special Tall Bike Posse Pislner,
Tall Bike display and demo rides,
Tall Bike build, live and unrehearsed,
Raffle tickets for the built steed,
Giveaways to those who arrive on bikes.

Tall Bike Posse Website (link fixed)

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SEPTEMBER THEME: 2nd Annual Pajama Ride

Pajama Party

September 7th Theme is Pajama Night
Pillow fights are alright…

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I think we are on to something good with the themes. The simple themes, like this month’s “RED” theme, have brought out so much creativity and crazy energy. DAMNIT, I wish my camera batteries hadn’t died last night. There was Sethzilla’s “Red Barron” and the “Red October” commie submarine, all the ladies in Red Dresses and that cute as hell little Red Love Bug.


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