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Kindred spirits in Colorado

Looks like we have kindred spirits cycling around Colorado:

As the crowd of riders approaches, not only will their outfits clear up your puzzlement, but the bells, horns and whistles on their cruisers might also shed some light on the situation.

These are the Thursday Evening Cruiser Riders.

It’s easy to forget that people still leisurely ride a bicycle for fun; after all, Boulder is home to its fair share of intense cyclists. These riders, however, aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere. They’re cruising around Boulder simply because they can.

Other than it happening weekly it sure sounds very similar to us, no?

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MORE Sumo & KIDS Sumo

Bike Sumo

It has been brought to our attention that there are those who crave Bike Sumo more then once a month. Now all that needs to happen is to set a place and time and bring beer (or mango iced tea.)

AND, for the KIDS who only have one summer Bike Happening left, we will have a special BIKE SUMO tournement for them. Get your SUMO on kids! Costumes always help.
(adults on 12″ bike can compete in this tournement too)

Let the games begin!

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Crazy Creative Bike Fun!


Ok, it’s time that San Luis Nabisco steps up a notch and holds an event like the New Belgium Brewery “Tour de Fat”. An event that would involve all ages of bike, music and beer enthusiasts.

I’m thinking that a central downtown location, like say Mitchell Park on Osos and Pismo, would be a perfect venue to have a crazy-people-on-bikes beer and bike extravaganza. Hmmmmm, that sounds like fun to me.

And of course this would not be a renegade event with us just showing up at the park with kegs and bike ballet. We would get the blessings for the SLO Park and Rec. Dept. and the SLOPD.

What would really matter is would YOU show up in your costumed alter-ego on a weekend afternoon to drink a few brews in the sun and play bike games like “Bike Limbo”, “SLOw Bike”, and of course BIKE SUMO?

Check out what they are doing in San Francisco.

Also, I think EVERYONE who rides with the BIKE HAPPENING should make the NEW BELGIUM WONDERBIKE PLEDGE

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Running of the Bulls!

Bikes are happening!

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Last night may have been the most fun happening I’ve been part of! It was a good clean ride and I didn’t hear of any troubles. The cops were giving the usual tickets for not having lights, but I can deal with that.

Yardsale was in top form with his Bull — I kept hearing roaring laughter erupt as he barreled down on runners.

Thanks everyone for an awesome evening!

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