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2011 Themes are In

2011 One cold February night a few brave soles gathered in an undisclosed location to put their heads together, drink too many beers and decide on a year’s worth of Bike Happening themes. Their efforts pictured above are listed below.

Take these themes and do as you please with theme, twist them, expand them, ignore them, protest them. Plan ahead. Offer suggestions.

Participate. Don’t spectate.

Wood is Good
Subtheme: Screwed & Nailed

Easter Pastels
Subtheme: Bad Bunnies

Cinco De Mayo
Subtheme: Donkeys

11th Anniversary Formal
Oceans 11
Subtheme: Fancy Pants

American Trash

Hot Jammy Nights
Subtheme: Hot Jammy Nightmare

Team Spirit
Subtheme: Freaks, Geeks, Cults

Yacht Club
Subtheme: Moby Dick’s Boats and Hos

Animal Safari

Anti-Silent Night (Noise Ride)


Retro Theme, Pick and Era
Subtheme: Old Bike Happening Costume

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Regardless of what you think about guerrilla art, I just have to share things like this when creative minds combine art and bikes.

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

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What the Hell, Gift a Bell.

Ring in the New Year this Thursday.
Gift someone a bell.
(Don’t forget to bring what it takes to install the bell.)
This is the year of participation. The Bike Happening is way too fucking quiet.


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October Theme-O-Matic

Post comments below for October’s Theme
A theme will be chosen the weekend before around Oct. 1st.

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Bike Happening Movie Makers at The Central Coast Bioneers Conference


The Bike Happening Movie will be featured in the Moving Image Festival which is part of the Central Coast Bioneers Conference

If you haven’t had the chance to see this awesome 27 minute documentary, here’s another chance!

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Bike Thieves SUCK!

AquaBlonde gets hit AGAIN!

Dearest cycling community of SLO,

I woke up this morning to be doomed with the fate of my vintage roadie. A work of art was taken from outside of the sierra madre dorms on campus at cal poly san luis obispo on May 26th between the hours of 8pm - 8am the next morning.

Extended Description:
Vintage Centurion Lemans
Seafoam green frame with white verticals
Pink back tire
They left the front tire, so that bad boy wont be on there
Shimano gears/shifters on frame of bike
White bar wrap with black flies
Replaced crank (specialized)

This is the SECOND bike I have had stolen from me within the last 6 months in this community (see post from aquablonde below). I would be greatly appreciated any help recovering it.
May the sick thief that rides upon those wheels of gold be involved in a fiery explosion and their mangled body be shat on by a gaggle of 16 geese.


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Just another ride around town

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Theme-o-matic for July

Post comments below to suggest July’s theme.
Comments will close and the theme will be decided a few weeks after June’s ride.

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Theme-o-matic for JUNE

Post comments below to suggest June’s theme.
Remember that June is our 10 year anniversary too.
Comments will close and the theme will be decided a few weeks after Sies de Mayo Ride

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Theme-O-Matic for MAY

Post comments below to suggest MAY’s theme.
Comments will close and the theme will be decided a few weeks after April Fools Ride

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Google Maps now supports biking

The “Get Directions” feature in Google Maps now has a bicycling option for choosing routes along paths that avoid hills and traffic. Sadly, it doesn’t really know much about bike paths in SLO just yet, but Google promises to continue working on this and extend this new feature to many more cities.

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Beadcicleta - Fat Tuesday Ride Feb 16


8:30pm Feb 16th

Meet at one of these places, you will be picked up unless you are late.

  • Mc Carthy’s
  • Mitchell Park
  • Mission Plaza

Dress Up for Carnaval

Tell a Friend

Bring a cup

Check your front and rear lights

Laissez Les Bon Temp Roullez!!!!

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Theme-O-Matic for February

Post comments below to suggest FEBRUARY theme.
Comments will close and the theme will be decided a few weeks after TUTUS

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Theme-o-matic for January

Post comments below to suggest January’s theme.
Comments will close and the theme will be decided two weeks after ONESIES

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November Theme: Cops & Robbers, Good Bunnies, Bad Bunnies

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SLO Bike Valet is celebrating 15,000 Bikes Parked
Thursday @ Farmer’s Market.

Win Prizes

Ride your bike - Get one free ticket.
SLO County Bicycle Coalition Member - Get two free tickets.
Become a Member on the spot - Get five tickets.

Mobil Solar Charger for cells/pods/whatever else,
Rickshaw Bag Works ‘Zero’ Messenger Bag,
Gift Certs to Local Businesses!

WANNA RE-GIFT? Donate your unneeded gifts to the Coalition to use for give-a-ways (tax-deductible)(new/ultra cool stuff only).

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October Theme: BLACK & WHITE

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September Theme: PLASTIC WRAP


Don’t forget it’s “Bare as you dare” season.
Is being naked under plastic wrap legal?

Don’t forget the rules of the ride.

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December Theme: Sweet Sacrilege

Sweet Sacrilege

Sub-Theme: Mormon Invasion, Knocked up Nuns

Please help after the ride and;

Decide beforehand where to go after the ride.
Do not gather at the Bank of America parking lot after the second lap.
Go to a park. Go to a bar. Just go somewhere far.
and always Leave No Trace

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Downtown Holiday Parade

Friday, Dec. 5th: Holiday Parade

The Bike Happening has been entered into the Downtown Holiday Parade. This will be our 9th annual appearance.
The parade theme is “Silver Bells.”

The parade organizers ask that no one dresses as Santa Claus,
And do not throw candy

Parade starts @ 7:00PM
Please arrive around 6:00
We are entry #31 and will assemble at Broad and Palm

General Rules For All Entries - Failure to adhere to the rules below may result in disqualification.

1. All entries must be in costume and decorated according to the holiday theme.
2. All entries must be approved by the SLO DA Promotions Committee.
3. No political advertisements or commercial advertisements permitted on floats or entries.
4. Forward motion must be maintained at all times.
5. Any entry behaving in a dangerous manner will be pulled out of the parade, cited by the Police Department and disqualified.
6. Helmets required for the following entries: bikes, motorcycles, scooters and in-line skates/roller blades.
7. No Candy/Favors/Pamphlets - Entries may not throw out anything or blow bubbles. Those doing so will be disqualified immediately.
8. No Alcohol. Possession will result in disqualification and a citation from the Police Department. No inappropriate language or music.
9. Identify your entry with banners and signs.
10. Line-up time is 6PM sharp. Parade time is 7PM sharp. All entries must be ready for fire inspection by 6:15PM.

More details might be listed in the “comments” below…

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