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you ARE the Bike Happening

Why will YOU come with us, tonight?

i look forward to meeting you.

Blur in Tunnel - Full Moon - small - by Yard$ale

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Taken From My Back Yard, in Daylight - Fuji road bike

my bike was stolen from my yard, saturday afternoon, march 15.

  • brand new
  • Fuji road bike
  • model: “Newest 3.0″
  • red and silver frame
  • looks just like the picture
  • serial number ICF6J00388 most likely found on underside of frame where the cranks attach

stolen from San Luis Obispo  - Fuji bike

if you see it anywhere around town, lock it up, and notify me at the link below.

Or call bO: 805 235 8042
if you took it, return it. i just want my bike back.

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Boom Box Difficulties - try again next month

Thanx to all you Happeners who brought boom boxes to the Happening. If you couldn’t tune into Happening Radio, it’s not your fault.

The engineers experienced technical difficulties, and the signal was too weak to be received by most radios. They tried something new and something went wrong.

But save your batteries for next month. Happening Radio has rocked us recently, it WILL be back like a movie star governor.

Actually, buy new batteries. They’re not likely to last for 2 ‘bike nights.’
This message has been brought to you by Dollar Store Batteries, the best batteries you can shuck for a buck.

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Site Proposal: New catagory for amatuer bike fixers

The Custom Bike catagory of this site does not seem relevent to the everyday bike maintenance issues that complicate my life. If this town has a handfull of peddlers like myself, a catagory for ‘Parts and Maintenance’ could be more than helpful.

For example: In recent months it seems i’ve bought out all of SLO’s cheap 6-speed index shifters, but they keep breaking, so i want more. Every other abandoned bike i find in this town has a well-working example of this shifter. So, it’s reasonable to think that somebody reading this site owns a small supply of these parts that they are willing to trade for sex, or something.

Our streets and our sheds are littered with discontinued bike parts that our stores don’t easily supply. Maybe this site could get the useful parts moving.

Maintanence Q&A would be another great attraction (to me!). Let’s converse.

And, if the web gods like this idea, there may be no good reason to even keep this post posted.

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Bull-Leaping in Bronze Age Crete

Considering next month’s theme, i could think up a post more off-topic than this:

The mechanics of bull-leaping

The average individual could not possibly hope to take a flying leap at a charging bull and emerge in one piece on the other side. This does not mean, however, that specially trained athletes could not manage it. The gymnastics vault event is not so dissimilar in general principle: the gymnast runs full-speed at the vault “horse” and performs a somersault over it. Granted, the “horse” is not moving, and the gymnast has a springboard to help, but then again, the gymnast is also trained to do something more complicated than a simple somersault.

The exact mechanics of the supposed bull-leaping feat are open to debate. Evans sketched out a hypothetical sequence along the following lines:

  1. The leaper seizes the bull by the horns, near the tips.
  2. The bull raises its head in an attempt to throw him, which gives momentum to the leaper.
  3. The leaper releases the horns, turns a back-somersault, and lands on the bull’s back near the tail.
  4. Finally, he makes his last leap from the bull’s back to the ground.

more information at:
This is an excerpt from:
Check it out.
Runners, do not try this on the street. You could break our necks.
Comment. Myth, or historical hysterics?

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Easy Themes That Could Be Fun For The Whole Family (yay!)

Proposed Themes For The Future

It may be beneficial to separate the more labor-intensive themes, with themes that require very little effort / money, but still turn heads and keep the pedestrians gawking. Kudos to people who can add to, or evaluate, the following list of simple (dumb) ideas:

Please, shoot your mouth off.


  • Adhesives and Headwear
  • 600 Messiahs
  • Fat People Peddling
  • Oops, I Forgot My Pants!
  • Charge of the Spatula Brigade
  • Charge of the BandAide Brigade
  • Bad Hair Daze
  • Shorts and Boots
  • Kung Fu Moovy (”And i’ll kill any malevolent cab driver who dare oppose me!!! …OR him!”)
  • Has anybody checked the toxicity of washable markers?
  • The Color Clash Bash (Alone, we are funky streetlights. Together, we are a bubblegum nightmare)
  • Christmas Carols (with practice session and lyric sheets? Wait until next June?)
  • Tin Foil Fasion Show (Exploit a dollar store near you! SLObispo now has 2 dollar stores. Beware of thunderstorms.)
  • UFO Cults (Everybody loves UFO cults! Needed: Swanky leader with bad imagination. Sharing beverages is not encouraged this night.)
  • Everybody DRESS Like Mayhem! (the Happening bike people are not liable for damage to hair)

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