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Beadcicleta - Fat Tuesday Ride Feb 16


8:30pm Feb 16th

Meet at one of these places, you will be picked up unless you are late.

  • Mc Carthy‚Äôs
  • Mitchell Park
  • Mission Plaza

Dress Up for Carnaval

Tell a Friend

Bring a cup

Check your front and rear lights

Laissez Les Bon Temp Roullez!!!!

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January Theme

Here is the January theme flyer, I even got the date right this time

aspen Layout1 (1)

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December Themes

Drawing1 Layout1 (1)

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July theme: Running of the Bulls

This theme can be a lot of fun, especially if people really get into it. Search online for bull horns or make a costume yourself if you wanna be a bull and ride a bike. I would love to see some full bike costumes. If you want to “run” wear white clothes with red scarves around neck and waist like a spaniard running from a bull. I will be leaving a bike at spikes or walters so that I will make it down to the sumo and have a bike from there. Post some comments here. Let us know if you are gonna run, bull or be a wimp.

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New Times Article

Check out the Cover story of the June 8, 2006 New times at New Times Archives. Trog’s ugly face got the cover shot. Cool article on bike sumo with bios of a few long time sumoers. I dont think it mentions this website unfortunately. Go check it out.

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